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 A stage illusion brought to close up measures!

Demo http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=zcOMB5219tM


Magicians always just do card tricks...Why not try and do something more than just a card trick! After the box and cards have been examined by your audience, fold 2 cards into 2 supports and place the card box on top of it...not impressed? Now REMOVE 1 of the supports leaving an unbelivable image in your spectators mind!


Place pencil on a pop can, and on the end of the pencil suspend the card box, leaving a TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE imgage that just can't be explained. All this and more can be done with X-Suspense!

Comes complete with Gimmick, 30 page booklet with over 40 clear photos so you can get started right away with several additional ideas and performance tips!


Bonus! FX-Suspense- Suspend a full deck of cards on your outsretched finger! You can take the cards out of the box right away and use them to perform other magic effects. Can be done almost impromtu!

Booklet&Gimmick $15 + $5 shipping and handling   in Canada and USA.



E-book $15



S.C.T.G.T (Signed coin thru glass table)


Ask someone for a coin, and get them to inital the coin. Place the coin on ANY glass table...and with just...a...wave..The coin just melts right thru the table. The coin can be immeditly handed back to your spectator, with their initals on it hands empty.


Points to remember:


Use almost any glass table

No sleeves

No magnets

No set up to the table before hand

Coin can be borrowed


All you do, is just wave, and the coin melts right thru the table. Comes complete with gimmicks and instructions. A bonus version using no gimmicks is included, and ANOTHER bonus secret effect is included.

Check back within the next few days for the demo and release date.